Wills & Estates
  • Drafting Wills
  • Drafting Powers of Attorney
  • Binding Death Benefit Nominations

Estate Planning
Estate planning can help prevent expensive and distressing inheritance battles, especially if done hand in hand with relationship planning.
If you have remarried or re-partnered, estate planning can be crucial, especially if you have children from a previous relationship.
Powers of Attorney
An enduring power of attorney is a form that you can use to give a trusted person the power to make decisions for you regarding your finances and care, should you be incapable of doing so.
Power of attorney can be given in case you become incapable to make decisions yourself through illness or accident, or even if you are just going overseas on holiday.

Binding Death Benefit Nominations
A binding death benefit nomination tells the trustee of your Superannuation fund how you want your super dealt with should you die.  
Superannuation is not automatically dealt with through your will, and a former partner or spouse could make a claim against it.
Making a Will :-
It is important to keep your will up to date.  Marriage and divorce both have an effect on your will and you should review your will as soon as you divorce, to ensure your estate goes where you want it to go.

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