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Applications for orders affecting children, including children you live with (i.e. child custody), spend time with, or communicate with, are called “parenting orders”.
Applications for parenting orders are quite different to other applications in the State and Federal Courts in that the parties to the application are often not seeking to assert their own rights, but rather seeking orders with respect to the rights of the subject child or children.
Family Dispute Resolution
Compulsory family dispute resolution in parenting matters
Before going to Court for parenting matters, usually you must make a genuine effort to resolve a parenting dispute through family dispute resolution, or mediation.   Unless there are matters of urgency, family violence or abuse, usually parties must file a certificate from a family dispute resolution provider before an application can be made to Court (a section 60I certificate).
Family dispute resolution, or mediation, can be a very good way to resolve a parenting dispute.  In order to give family dispute resolution or mediation the best possible chance of success, and to give you the best possible chance of an outcome that you are happy with, we offer a preparation for family dispute resolution package.  We can meet with you and go through options, the process, the documents that you will need and the law relevant to your matter, so you are prepared and can negotiate from a position of knowledge and strength.

Shared Care or Shared Parental Responsibility? What's the difference?
Shared Care means the time that the children spend with each parent is relatively equal.
 Shared Parental Responsibility means that decisions involving major long term issues must be made in consultation with both parents.  Major long term issues include education, religious and cultural upbringing, major medical interventions and moving a child's home.

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