Free Initial Contact
We at Northside Family Law Centre believe that everyone, and every matter is different.
With this in mind we offer a quick free initial connection service to help you through the usually overwhelming situation.
You have the option of a initial free 20 min discussion by either Phone, Skype or email. Or just send us a email detailing your situation and we will get back to you quickly.

Your First Conference 
At Northside Family Law, during your first consultation with us, we will provide you with sound, practical, common sense advice about your matter based on our years of experience in dealing with Family Law and De Facto Law matters on a daily basis.
We will advise you as to likely outcomes of your matter if it was to proceed all the way to a final hearing, and the most appropriate way to negotiate an acceptable settlement of your matter, at the minimum cost to you.
We will also advise you, in the event that a settlement is not possible, as to the likely course your matter will take through the courts and the possible range of costs that may be involved.

  • In Our Sandgate or Chermside Office
  • Over the Phone
  • Skype or Messenger
  • Other Convenient Location
We can also offer out of
office hours appointments.
Here at Northside Family Law, we understand that separation can not only be emotionally overwhelming, but also practically difficult.  It can all seem too much to deal with - making sure the children are looked after, dealing with Government agencies, banks, superfunds, utilities, sorting out housing and seeing your own counsellor.  
The last thing you need is to have to take hours off work to see your lawyer. 

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