In Australian law parents share financial responsibility for their children.  We can advise you about the best course of action to take to seek financial support for your children.  You may need the assistance of the Child Support Agency or help to negotiate an agreement.  We can also assist where there is a dispute about paternity of a child.  We can help you negotiate with the other party and make a court application, if required.

Do I need to go through The Child Support Agency?
The Child Support Agency (the CSA) is responsible for determining the amount and distribution of child support from one parent to another.
You can make a private agreement to replace the CSA amount, or to have it paid by providing specific support such as school fees or medical expenses, rather than cash.
For further information about child support, you can visit the CSA website at www.csa.gov.au or contact us to help you through the process.

Child Support and Paternity
If a dispute arises regarding the paternity of a child, we here at Northside Family Law Centre can assist you.  We can help you negotiate with the other party and make a court application, if required

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